Bitcoin For A Tesla Model 3…Yes That Happened

Bitcoin For A Tesla Model 3…Yes That Happened

Well, it certainly has been a banner week for the folks over at Tesla. So far, the company is reporting that the pre-sales activity on the Model 3  just might account for over $8b in sales. One customer even used Bitcoin to lock their new ride in.

A new post by a user named “Mason” over at Medium goes through the process of how he/she ordered the Model 3. The chain of events was as follows:

I just preordered an automobile that I have never seen or touched, which is propelled by electrons flowing through copper wires, that has a 0–60 of under four seconds and supposedly comes with no instrument cluster.

I preordered this vehicle with an invisible currency that was invented by a pseudo-anonymous computer programmer who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto and is likely not Japanese.

I made this purchase using a service that dispenses ephemeral credit cards made by some Canadian guy that I met online named Jean. Whom I met after placing a $400 Bitcoin bounty

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