Bitcoin Foundation Board Divided Over Controversial Restructuring Proposal

Bitcoin Foundation

Less than six months after the Bitcoin Foundation announced its intention to focus solely on core development, it is once again at a financial and existential crossroads that finds the future of the trade organization shrouded in uncertainty.

Though much about the situation remains obscured by argument, current board members, core developers and the group’s interim executive director Patrick Murck agree that, at the very least, the Bitcoin Foundation will no longer be best positioned to continue financing bitcoin development in current form.

At issue, however, is the present state of the organization’s finances, the actions that have been taken by an outspoken board member to alert the public of the issue and how the group could move forward given the level of distrust among key members.

First prompted by a 4th April post, the recent debate was triggered by board member Olivier Janssens, who called the Bitcoin Foundation “effectively bankrupt” and encouraged readers “not to fall for” attempts by the organization to control the message regarding its balance sheet.

Janssens wrote:

”The lesson for all of us in bitcoin is to never put any trust in a centralized organization again that wanted to represent bitcoin or the core development of

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