Bitcoin Geocaching Game Takara Adds Support for Counterparty Tokens

Bitcoin Geocaching Game Takara Adds Support for Counterparty Tokens

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The initial ever Bitcoin geocaching iOS app, Takara, has combined support for Counterparty assets, permitting users to hunt and plant bitcoin treasures around a world, regulating IndieSquare’s API.

Developed by Christian Moss of MandelDuck, users will have a ability to not usually find Counterparty tokens, though also bitcoins when they get tighten adequate to them. It’s identical to PokemonGo; however, a usually disproportion is that instead of Pokemon, users will be collecting bitcoins and several tokens that paint opposite equipment such as tickets, coupons, association bonds or faithfulness points.

Speaking to CCN, lead developer Christian Moss of MandelDuck, pronounced that with Takara adding support for Counterparty tokens this was a start of digital skill rather than practical resources tied to a singular use case.

He stated:

I consider it shows how diversion equipment can be released from a singular primogenitor game, for instance regulating Counterparty, Spells of Genesis have done a diversion object that can be used in Spells of Genesis, used in SaruTobi, geocached in Takara, and traded on a decentralized exchange.

MandelDuck is also behind games such as SaruTobi, Game

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