Bitcoin Giants Swing at Core Devs Amid Controversy

Bitcoin GiantsBitcoin Giants

The block size battle dominated yet another week in the Bitcoin media circuits. The drama started early in the week when confirmation times crept upwards as lots of small transactions unexpectedly filled up Bitcoin’s small blocks. This frustration quickly erupted into outright flaming, as Bitcoin giants fired shots at the Core development community.

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Block Size Drama Reaches a Fever Pitch as Bitcoin Giants Get Involved

Frustrations mounted early in the week when Bitcoin users across the internet encountered unexplainable increases in confirmation wait times on the network. Bitcoiners took to social media, publicly speculating on what could be bogging down the network.

On r/bitcoin, a subreddit controlled by Theymos, notorious for censoring any anti-Core discussions, people immediately assumed spam or stress testing to be the culprit. One person outright asked, “Is there a stress test going on right now?” In the comments on other threads, debates considered the possibility of a spam attack, noting that sudden influx of small transactions with low fees. Others simply sought help, asking for advice on

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