Bitcoin Goes Ballistic


A huge rally.

China turns to Bitcoin.

A finite supply and a promise of yield pumps price.

Gold vs. Bitcoin, a home run trade.

Blockchain technology gives it credence, China gives it upside.

On September 8, I wrote an article for Seeking Alpha called, Bitcoin Is For Real And It Is All About The Flow Of Money. In that piece, I wrote about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Recently, uncertainty has reigned supreme in terms of the global economic landscape. Economic issues in Europe and a slowing Chinese economy have raised fears for many investors and market participants around the world. Faith in traditional currencies has come into question. In an effort to stimulate economies around the world, central banks and monetary authorities have lower interest rates to unprecedented levels. They have used other tools, such as quantitative easing, for stimulative purposes. We have yet to experience the eventual and inevitable effects of these policies. Additionally, the world

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