Bitcoin Goes Hollywood And Barclays’ Bitcoin Bet

The Silk Road case sounded like an HBO special as every detail unfolded.

And, soon, it could be a Blockbuster hit.

20th Century Fox and Cherin Entertainment selected Dennis Lehane to write the script, based on the Silk Road Case. (Do you think he will be paid in bitcoins?) Lehane is most known for writing “Shutter Island” and “Gone Baby Gone” — two flicks with plenty of scandal and plot twists. The Silk Road story is right up his alley.

That was among the details revealed by Katheryn Haun, Assistant U.S. Attorney and federal prosecutor at the Department of Justice in an interview with International Business Times. Haun is one of the prosecutors involved in taking down the Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht, and helped set the framework for bitcoin money laundering in the Ripple case.

She gave the scoop about what it was like to be involved in the case — and why it was such an important moment for digital payments. While some have referred to the prosecutors as the “bad-ass crypto cops,” Haun said she wasn’t aware of that term.

Her fellow cybercrime IRS investigator Tigran Gambaryan confirmed what she meant.

“I’m not bitcoin police, I’m an investigator – whatever payment concerns an IRS investigator, that’s what our expertise is. We have been doing this since the days of Al Capone. No matter what method a criminal uses we will find a way to track it down.”

While Huan couldn’t dish on the details about what went into catching the Dread Pirate Roberts and taking down the infamous Silk Road, she did speak about the two former federal investors who have entered guilty pleas for laundering bitcoins collected in the case. Carl Force, a former DEA officer, pleaded guilty in July to stealing $240,000 worth of bitcoin payments. But he’s already going to recoup some of

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