Bitcoin Goes In The Cloud With NetDepot

Slowly but surely, more and more merchants are starting to accept Bitcoin payments.  Not just because Bitcoin payments are a cheaper alternative compared to credit cards and Paypal, but also because there seems to be a large enough customer demand.  NetDepot is the latest online service to accept Bitcoin payments, so let’s see what they have to offer.

NetDepot – Cloud And Dedicated Servers To Suit Your NeedsNetDepot

Even though Bitcoin is viewed as a niche market, with most of its focus on technology and tech-savvy community, anyone can enjoy the benefits of financial freedom without having to know the specific details.  Until that time, more and more online services with a focus on tech-savvy people are accepting Bitcoin payments.

NetDepot is no different in that regard, as this company offers both dedicated and cloud servers to their customers.  As you would come to expect from a US-based company like NetDepot, all of their servers are located within the United States as well.  And the data centres in New York City, Dallas and Atlanta have now started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.

The bread and butter of Netdepot’s business model is providing Infrastructure as

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