Bitcoin Group Limited to IPO on Australian Securities Exchange

Despite Bitcoin’s precarious status in Australia, there is still a lot of interest in mining the virtual currency.  Australia’s largest Bitcoin mining operator, called Bitcoin Group Limited, will hold an Initial Public Offering on the Australian Securities Exchange.  By doing so, Bitcoin Group Limited becomes the first Bitcoin IPO on a major global exchange platform.

Bitcoin Group Limited – Prominent Investors and Big Plans

The name Bitcoin Group Limited may not be that well-known outside of Australia, but you can rest assured it is not the last time this Bitcoin company will be making headlines.  Part of Bitcoin Group Limited’s success comes in the form of key investors, including Australia’s third largest money remittance company.  Plus, there is also a conglomerate investment company spanning from real estate to entertainment service and everything in between, who are a major investor in Bitcoin Group Limited.

According to the information provided by us, the plan is for Bitcoin Group Limited to offer a total of 100 million shares on the Australian Securities Exchange.  If everything goes according to plan, a total amount of AU$20m will be raised.  Shares should be available until October 30th, and

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