Bitcoin Hardware Wallet, KeepKey, Builds On Trezors Security

In the of world of bitcoin hardware wallets, there are three tiers of product. For people looking for a storage solution that is inexpensive, and who are willing to sacrifice features but not security, there are a handful of stripped down models including the $32 Ledger.

On the other end of the scale a fully featured wallet, like the $200 Case, has a biometric reader, multisignature signing by default, and connects directly to cell phone towers so you don’t even need to connect it to a smart phone or computer in order to use it. At this time, Case shares that top-of-the-line wallet status with nobody, although competition from Mycelium and Butterfly Labs have both been in the works for some time.

Right in the middle of these two tiers is a price point where the first hardware wallet resides, the $119 Trezor. This tiny hardware wallet with open source firmware is a respected product in the bitcoin community, and was highly anticipated prior to its launch late last year. It is made of a reinforced plastic providing durability and does a top-notch job of securing and spending your bitcoin stash.

Unfortunately, it’s hardware

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