Bitcoin Has Died—For a 89th Time

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Bitcoin Has Died—For a 89th Time

Did we hear? Bitcoin is dead. It’s over. Or wait, is it only dying? Is it carrying a crisis? There is difficulty in paradise. The ideals have been lost.

In a Medium post, former Bitcoin developer Mike Hern announced that a Bitcoin examination had run a course. The village had failed. The record couldn’t rise anymore since energy had been combined into a handful of people with an seductiveness in preserving a shrinking standing quo. And so after 5 years, Hern gave adult his impasse with a cryptocurrency, and changed on to a startup.

So is Bitcoin dead? It is not dead. Objectively, a Bitcoin markets are still alive and well, and a Blockchain, the digital height on that a banking relies, is still operational. As Elizabeth Stark points out on Twitter, people adore to announce that Bitcoin is dead. According to this using tally, Bitcoin has been announced passed 88 times. (Hern’s post would be a 89th instance of someone secretly claiming a banking was dead.) People have been dogmatic Bitcoin dead

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