Bitcoin HYIP Ponzi Scheme Alert – CoinDouble

A few months ago, CryptoDouble was one of the most obvious Ponzi schemes in Bitcoin history. Ever since that website shut down, multiple other HYIP and other investment schemes have popped up, all in an effort to defraud unsuspecting customers. CoinDouble is the latest Ponzi to join this growing list, and they use the same theme and style as CryptoDouble did:

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CoinDouble – Yet Another Bitcoin Ponzi SchemeTheMerkle - Bitcoin HYIP Ponzi CoinDouble

Whenever a new form of payment comes up, it is only a matter of time until people with less than honest intentions check it out. In the world of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Ponzi and HYIP schemes seem to be the weapon of attack for the time being, as they lure in unsuspecting users with impossible promises.

As the name CoinDouble suggests, the goal of this Ponzi scheme is fairly simple: users deposit a certain amount of Bitcoin, and the site operator will double your money within the next 100 hours.  Every hour, a transaction worth 2% of the original investment will

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