Bitcoin in 2015, a 5 Minute Read

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The year 2015 is entrance to an end. In a Bitcoin universe, it has been an eventful year so far. The Bitcoin ecosystem has had a ups and downs, from controversies surrounding a use for wrong functions to a lawmen themselves branch into outlaws and more. At a same time, there has been a substantial series of wins both large and tiny for a dear cryptocurrency.

Ups and downs

The year 2105 started on a low note, with prices dropping next a $200 mark. At a same time, however, a series of users fasten a Bitcoin village saw a consistent increase. Earlier final month, a digital banking strike $500 mark, and now Bitcoin is usually hovering over a $350 to $370 cost range. Along those same lines, a series of exchange on a blockchain has usually increasing each month, from about 50,000,000 in a commencement of a year to over 90,000,000 currently.

total bitcoin in circulationtotal bitcoin in circulation

Regulatory Headache

On a other hand, a introduction of regulations by a State of New York in a center of a year exceedingly impacted a Bitcoin ecosystem in the

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