Bitcoin in the Headlines: Nathaniel Popper Strikes Media Gold


Conversation about bitcoin and the blockchain was seemingly everywhere this week, though a closer look at the bylines reveals this was mostly the work of one journalist – New York Times reporter Nathaniel Popper.

CoinDesk, Fast Company, Forbes, TechCrunch and Vice were just some of the publications this week that either ran interviews with Popper or exclusive excerpts of his new book, Digital Gold, the product of six months of research on the technology.

Popper’s excerpts generated headlines and social media buzz for their revelations regarding industry activity, with portions devoted to reexamining some of the community’s most mainstream stories and subjects.

However, the New York Times wasn’t the only media outlet focusing on bitcoin this week, with Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal devoting their share of articles to the emerging technology.

Nathaniel Popper’s bitcoin tour

digital gold cover

Leading the charge was perhaps Popper’s most provocative story, his account of his personal search for Satoshi Nakamoto, the still-anonymous author of the bitcoin white paper and its assumed creator. The trial, as we explored last week, led him to cryptographer Nick Szabo.

The report was widely covered into last weekend, though most articles

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