Bitcoin in the Headlines: Political Spin and Kidnapped Data

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bitcoin in the headlines


All eyes were on the US last week, as the media covered the Hollywood-worthy plot involving two special agents who allegedly pocketed vast sums of bitcoin while working on the Silk Road investigation in Baltimore.

The country stayed in the spotlight this week, after Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s announcement he would accept bitcoin donations in his presidential campaign started something of a media frenzy.

Controversy struck when allegations of corruption among the ranks of The Bitcoin Foundation and suggestions that the organisation is on the brink of bankruptcy.

And no week would be complete without bitcoin being tied to the criminal underworld. This time, it was the turn of hackers requesting ransom money to decrypt ‘kidnapped’ data from various US police departments.

Let’s take a closer look.

Bitcoin in the White House?

The news of a bitcoin aficionado potentially entering the White House was extensively covered by media outlets, resulting in well over 2,500 online articles.

Senator Paul Rand is probably the most high-profile American politician to accept bitcoin donations, as well as the latest in a string of state and national Republicans

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