Bitcoin in the Headlines: The Chicken and Egg Debate

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It’s the classic philosopher’s dilemma, the chicken and egg. Which came first? And how do you make sense of being stuck in that unknowing middle?

For the media and the general public, debates in the bitcoin space are often muddled in the same confusion – ‘Can you have the blockchain without bitcoin?’ ‘Is the protocol safe even if bitcoin businesses are not?’ and ‘Who made this thing anyway and why can’t we ask him?’

Such is the struggle of making sense of a technology that seems to have emerged as a fully formed chicken in the financial barnyard.

But, while it’s natural that the media are out for their answers to these questions, this week’s reporting illustrates how the search for answers is often betrayed by life’s complexity.

Bitcoin or blockchain?

Perhaps bitcoin’s biggest chicken-and-egg debate was revived earlier this week following Nasdaq OMX’s announcement that it would begin trialing how bitcoin’s blockchain could be used to help transform the way shares are sold and traded.

Banks and other international corporations are increasingly willing to adopt

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