Bitcoin in the Headlines: US Teen Sparks ISIL Media Frenzy

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bitcoin in headlines

Bitcoin has been scrutinised in the past, but this week’s criticism took on a rather unexpected – and perhaps questionable – sense of humour.

The coverage over the last few days also exemplified just how unpredictable the media’s attention can be. On the one hand, bitcoin’s negative association with terrorist activity reached mass coverage by a wide range of mainstream outlets.

Criticism by a multinational financial services corporation, however, failed to launch the media into a reporting frenzy.

CoinDesk has looked at the top bitcoin-related headlines from across the world.

New York, North Korea

Bitcoin enthusiasts were faced with the release of New York’s long-awaited BitLicense last week  – a hotly debated state regulation for business handling the digital currency –  and its coverage also weaved its way into this week’s reporting.

The New York Post‘s Kevin Dugan said:

“Ben Lawsky is having a hard time winning over the bitcoin crow,” adding “ShapeShift, a Switzerland-based exchange for digital currencies, slammed the outgoing Department of Financial Services superintendent over new regulations for operating a bitcoin exchange in the Empire

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