Bitcoin in the Headlines: Wall Street Goes ‘Nuts’

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While bitcoin’s ability to deliver on its potential is still an open question, the number of Wall Street supporters for the technology grew this week, a development that was not lost in the headlines.

Wall Street’s new interest in bitcoin was the talk of many major publications, spurred by the news that major American stock market Nasdaq had licensed its technology to Noble Markets and further cemented by news the Bitcoin Investment Trust, the OTC Markets investment vehicle spearheaded by investor Barry Silbert, would finally open to retail investors.

Still, the week had its share of bitcoin bashing and odd announcements.

With this in mind, CoinDesk takes a look at the top bitcoin related headlines from across the globe.

Again with the tulips

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what the Dutch Tulip mania was. To be clear, it was a period of the Dutch Golden Age during which the contract prices for tulip bulbs reached extraordinarily high levels, only to suddenly collapse thereafter.

Why is this relevant to bitcoin you ask? Well, the currency floats on the open market, meaning its

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