Bitcoin Industry Optimistic Amid Bitter Battle for Scaling Solution

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For bitcoin industry veteran Tom Kysar, the ongoing debate over how the bitcoin network should resolve key technical concerns has, quite literally, hit home.

The former head of marketing for the now-defunct startup Koinify, Kysar lives with two bitcoin evangelists, both of whom he says are on opposite sides of a debate that has so far raged on blogs, forums and through headlines in The New York Times.

“I think it’s confusing the shit out of a lot of people. The house is split. [One] supports Bitcoin Classic and [the other] … he’s with the Bitcoin Core guys,” Kysar told CoinDesk at The North American Bitcoin Conference (TNABC). “I think there’s a big problem with communication with people who aren’t involved in the conversation.”

Kysar is referring to a growing rift in the bitcoin ecosystem following former Bitcoin Core developer Mike Hearn’s decision to depart the project, declaring it dead due to what he perceived as unresolvable governance issues.

Since Hearn’s departure, many bitcoin miners, who process transactions on the open-source blockchain, and industry businesses have announced their intent to back Bitcoin Classic, a proposal that would increase bitcoin’s block

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