Bitcoin Industry Venture Capitalists Shift Focus to Non-Financial …

Last year, Bitcoin and blockchain-related startups raised
over $1 billion in total investment, a massive increase from
the $347 million invested in the space in 2014, according to a
by Inside Bitcoins

. Companies such as 21 inc and Coinbase rasied $116 million and $75
million, respectively, dwarfing the relative investment into the
early days of the Internet.

Major companies such as American Express, Deloitte, Goldman
Sachs, MasterCard and the New York Stock Exchange have invested
millions into Bitcoin technology firms recently. Many banks are
also getting on board and investing into blockchain projects,
although few are investing in Bitcoin itself.

To keep up with the growing scope of the industry, many venture
capitalists are also changing their investment strategies.
Bitcoin Magazine

spoke with the Blockchain Capital team and Brayton Williams, a
co-founder of Boost VC, to get an idea of what the current Venture
Capital perspective is in the industry.

The Blockchain Capital team, which recently
raised a new fund totaling $13 million

, explained to
Bitcoin Magazine

that the fund is evaluating many different applications of Bitcoin
and blockchain technology. “When we were still Crypto Currency
Partners, we were much more focused on the financial applications
of bitcoin technology. However, the world of finance,

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