Bitcoin Industry’s Own Version of ISO – CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium

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We are in a digital banking age. In the past integrate of years, a startup ecosystem has gifted a bitcoin boom signified by an augmenting series of startups focusing on bitcoin and blockchain associated technologies. The advantages of blockchain record is now widely recognized, generally by a banking and financial sectors.

The expansion of seductiveness in cryptocurrency technologies and a doing in several vicious operations creates it critical to safeguard a peculiarity of program standards in terms of usability and confidence is fit to accommodate a mandate of a organizations/institutions implementing it. This conditions has given arise to program review, review and acceptance requirements.

CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium is one such classification that has taken on itself to settle standards in a cryptocurrency industry. The non-profit entity within a Bitcoin industry’s who’s who on house is focused on building a yardstick for a attention that can be used to magnitude cryptocurrency record formed applications and platforms on several fronts including usability, privacy, security, trust and decentralization. The member on a house of directors of a classification includes Andreas M Antonopoulos, Vitalik Buterin, Joshua McDougall, Pamela Morgan and Michael Perklin. The organization’s website also lists executives

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