Bitcoin dignitary Colu looks to bond blockchains for executive bank cryptocurrencies

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Colu, a phony coins custom innovator, is focusing on a ways and means of arising executive bank cryptocurrency, carrying lifted some $9.6m (£6.6m) in appropriation for a project.

The Series A round, corroborated by Aleph, Spark Capital, Digital Currency Group and former Thomson Reuters CEO Tom Glocer, follows a $2.5m seed turn behind in 2015.

Colu’s efforts have been buoyed by a new Barbados executive bank cryptocurrency examination in that it took partial with Bitcoin startup, Bitt.

Colu CEO Amos Meiri told IBTimesUK: “What people wish is a internal currency. We realised there is a genuine need for a new form of currency. We started operative with opposite cities around a universe together with a new vital investor. But we can’t divulge his name – a personality in a universe of currencies.”

There has been utterly a lot of seductiveness in a thought of executive banks arising some kind of cryptocurrency, and some confidant moves in this area are being driven by a likes of eBay’s Pierre Omidyar and his munificent investment car a Omidyar Network.

Colu has seen many use cases being built on tip of the platform, that denotes resources with watermarked bitcoin, including stocks, genuine estate and music.

Meiri pronounced that

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