Bitcoin Investment Startup Keza Launches iOS App

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New York-based Bitcoin investment startup

announced a launch of a iOS app today. The app will concede users
to deposition Bitcoin in a portfolio of bonds and bound incomes.

Users will have a choice to select between 3 portfolios:
Moderate, Conservative and Aggressive. The riskier a portfolio,
the some-more bearing it has to flighty resources such as unfamiliar stocks.
Once a user picks a portfolio, he or she can deposition Bitcoin and
track investments over time.

Founded by Simon Burns and Stefan Britton, Keza aims to expand
financial services entrance to each dilemma of a globe. Keza has
raised $357,000 in pre-seed appropriation and is corroborated by Jason
Calacanis of HOF Capital and Digital Currency Group.

Speaking to
Bitcoin Magazine

, Burns pronounced that a twin came adult with a thought of environment adult Keza
after looking for options to deposition Bitcoin.

“My co-founder and we had been reviewing all of a options to
invest a Bitcoin and kept looking for a product that only didn’t
seem to exist. We started coding and putting together an MVP, that
MVP got us into and grown a prophesy for a company,”
Burns said.

The association motionless to launch a app after beta contrast and

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