Bitcoin Investment Startup Keza Launches iOS App

New York-based Bitcoin investment startup

announced the launch of its iOS app today. The app will allow users
to invest Bitcoin in a portfolio of stocks and fixed incomes.

Users will have the option to choose between three portfolios:
Moderate, Conservative and Aggressive. The riskier the portfolio,
the more exposure it has to volatile assets such as foreign stocks.
Once a user picks a portfolio, he or she can deposit Bitcoin and
track investments over time.

Founded by Simon Burns and Stefan Britton, Keza aims to expand
financial services access to every corner of the globe. Keza has
raised $357,000 in pre-seed funding and is backed by Jason
Calacanis of HOF Capital and Digital Currency Group.

Speaking to
Bitcoin Magazine

, Burns said that the duo came up with the idea of setting up Keza
after looking for options to invest Bitcoin.

“My co-founder and I had been reviewing all of the options to
invest our Bitcoin and kept looking for a product that just didn’t
seem to exist. We started coding and putting together an MVP, that
MVP got us into and developed our vision for the company,”
Burns said.

The company decided to launch the app after beta testing and

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