Bitcoin is being Bitcoin and spiking 30% this week and 200% this year

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It feels like we usually hear about Bitcoin when a cost is presumably tanking or skyrocketing. And, given it’s now skyrocketing, let’s speak about Bitcoin!

As of writing, Bitcoin is hovering around $745 per coin. It has usually been value this most twice before – once on a approach adult to a tallness of the Christmas 2013 bubble, and once on a approach down.

But given trade during lows of around $230 one year ago, a cost has been slowly increasing until a few weeks ago, when it started going crazy. Screen Shot 2016-06-16 during 1.21.31 PM

So of march everybody wants to know why. But like any open market, there unequivocally is no approach to presumably know what is indeed pushing a cost up. But we can guess, so here are a few things that could be behind this cost spike.

The Halving

Ever listened of a halving? Well if we follow Bitcoin and haven’t, get prepared for it to shortly browbeat a cryptocurrency news cycle. Let me explain. Bitcoin was designed as deflationary banking – there will ever usually be 21 million coins

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