‘Bitcoin is dead,’ says distinguished fintech exec

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Exactly 3 months ago, a obvious bitcoin developer, Mike Hearn, wrote a post on Medium that rocked a village of people who trust in a destiny of a digital banking and a technology. Bitcoin, he wrote, has failed. “It has unsuccessful since a village has failed… Worse still, a network is on a margin of technical collapse.” The post led to screaming headlines about a finish of bitcoin.

And yet, a attention plugs along. The banking is trade during $430 USD. Transaction volume (the series of bitcoin exchange per day) is aloft now than it was before Hearn’s post, according to a tracker during Blockchain.info. Just this week, a Wall Street Journal profiled a tip ETF (exchange-traded fund) profession who is advocating for a bitcoin ETF, a same bid that Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are pushing.

Barry Silbert, CEO of a Digital Currency Group, reflected this week, “Hearnado is over.”