Bitcoin is Entering a Age of Practicality

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Lamar Wilson is a programmer, web developer, sequence businessman and amatory father. He co-founded a program growth organisation 212ths with his long-time crony and co-founder of Fluent, Lafe Taylor. Lamar is co-founder and CEO of Fluent, a B2B remuneration height built on a blockchain.

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As a finish of a year approaches, it is prevalent to start meditative of what’s next.

We try to consider what changes can be finished to improved a lives, a businesses and a relationships. We ask what can we do differently that will pull us definitely towards a expected outcomes.

In a suggestion of this thinking, let’s plead bitcoin and blockchain technologies.

Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are still in their infancy. Yet, millions of dollars have been invested and many companies have reaped tremendously from early adoption.

But, it’s critical to note that a companies that have had a many success have finished so by formulating a substructure for a whole industry.

As when building a house, a substructure is a initial and presumably a many critical element. Without it, a residence would fall, and any good builder knows that we have to give a substructure a possibility to heal before

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