Bitcoin Is For Real And It Is All About The Flow Of Money


Crypto-currency is an interesting concept.

The original concept gives birth to and solves a bigger problem.

Bitcoin is a commodity — who better than a proven commodity Master to run it?

A global currency with a traceable system.

As important as the internet for banking.

I must admit, when I first read about Bitcoin and crypto-currencies, I was more than dubious. With a long history as a gold trader, I have always believed that the yellow metal holds the role as the global means of exchange. Central banks around the world hold gold as part of their foreign currency reserves. Gold is truly a ubiquitous currency around the world with a history that far exceeds any paper currencies in circulation today.

As a commodity trader, I understand and believe in hard assets. Ones I can hold in my hand. A crypto-currency, to me, is esoteric and a product of modern technology. I thought it was a fad, but it is not. While I struggle to get with the program of advances in modern technology every day, I grew up in an era without cells phones or personal computers. I went to school at a time when I could only do research at a library. I am from the microfiche generation. Today the world is different, and I am trying to adapt my mindset. That is why I have been thinking about bitcoin and other crypto-currencies a lot these days.

Crypto-currency: an interesting concept

Working on Wall Street for so many years entrenched me in the traditional culture of money and

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