Bitcoin is Hacker’s Weapon of Choice as Bang Buddy Scandal Deepens


It’s a bird, it’s a plane …no, it’s actually another Deepweb Bitcoiner looking to milk the juices from his stolen hacker booty.

Users of the Friendfinder adult swinger’s network may have more to fear than their sexual perversions being leaked to the public. This week, a professional bitcoin hacker put up for sale an “unredacted” version of the stolen data that experts suggest might also include private credit card database.

Unredacted DataMine

The hacker, who goes by the username of ROR[RG] wrote on a Darknet Forum on Saturday that “I have had so many people ask me to buy the db today” that he was willing to sell the full unredacted (condom-less) version.

The cost for the database that includes full details of 3.9 million users? 70 Bitcoins, or at today’s BTC/USD exchange rate $16,450. If buying the details of Adult FriendFinder users isn’t your cup of tea, the very same cyberthug is offering his services to hack any other website for 700 Bitcoins, or $165,200.

milk_jugAs Bitcoin becomes more entangled in the belly of the TOR underground, new alternative currencies are emerging with fresher brands and more wholesome images.

Penn State Professor of Information Sciences and Technology, Dr. John Carroll, recently speculated that an alternative currency will probably replace the original crypto token. “Historically, the first generation of a given innovation ultimately is not the one that persists,” said Carroll. shows the gap slowly narrowing between the digital currency leader Bitcoin and the remaining Altcoin pack. And the average consumer will clearly demand “safer alternatives” that have a more organic farm-fresh appeal.

Could it be time to put the bitcoin cow out to pasture? Will Adult Friendfinder ever accept Bitcoin? Log in below using your favorite social network and share your views.

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