Bitcoin is Hacker’s Weapon of Choice as Friendfinder Scandal Deepens


It’s a bird, it’s a craft …no, it’s indeed another Deepweb Bitcoiner looking to divert a juices from his stolen hacker booty. And this cyperpunk doesn’t accept Western Union, if we wish these products you’ll need a new digital income called “Bitcoins”.

Users of a Friendfinder adult swinger’s network competence have some-more to fear than their passionate perversions being leaked to a public. In this maturation saga, a veteran bitcoin hacker just put adult for sale an “unredacted” chronicle of a stolen information that experts advise competence also enclose private credit label data.

Darknet Connection

The hacker, who goes by a username of ROR[RG] wrote on a Darknet Forum on Saturday that “I have had so many people ask me to buy a db today” that he was now willing to sell a full unredacted version.

The cost for a database that includes full sum of 3.9 million users? 70 Bitcoins, or during today’s BTC/USD sell rate $16,450. If shopping a sum of Adult FriendFinder users isn’t your crater of tea, a really same cyberthug is charity his services to penetrate any other website for 700 Bitcoins,

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