Bitcoin is no longer anonymous

password-704252_1280Countries like Saudi Arabia or Egypt are apparently able to break through the anonymity of the digital currency Bitcoin. This is apparent from documents of chopped Italian State Trojan Hacking Developer team that have surfaced on the net. Accordingly, the company has developed a tool that can analyze with the supposedly anonymous Bitcoin transactions.

States which are customers of the spyware manufacturer, understand with a separate module in the monitoring software of the Italians Bitcoin transactions of the target population. The reported IT Portal “Ars Technica” citing the internal hacking team documents that have been posted online by the Wikileaks.

The documents show that hacking team has already started to operate in 2014, a module in its spyware that is looking specifically for the Bitcoin Wallet on a computer and using keyloggers access to the file obtained as soon as the user at a Bitcoin transaction enters his password. Vulnerable in this way is obviously not only of known Bitcoin, but also alternatives such Litecoin, Feathercoin and Namecoin.

The wallet file on the computer of a Bitcoin user contains a listing of all applied by Bitcoin transactions. Those who gain access to it, can analyze the operations of a Bitcoin user to the last detail. The wallet file was used for example by US investigators as evidence in the trial of the Silk-Road-operator Ross Ulbricht.

From the documents of the Italians can be seen not only as spy Bitcoin users, but also that States had an interest in the spyware. Accordingly, there was mail traffic with Egyptian and Saudi Arabian authorities, which have the spyware used to monitor its own population. However, it is assumed that the clientele of hacking team still includes many other States.

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