Bitcoin is skyrocketing

Rocket surging upwards take off missile submarine chinaChina Photos/Getty ImagesIt’s a good time to own bitcoin.

Bitcoin is on a wild streak, surging markedly over the weekend.

Right now, the digital currency is sitting at $691 (£487.36) — and earlier this morning, it nearly broke the $700 (£493.70) mark, reaching highs of more than $697 (£491.59). (All figures come via bitcoin news site CoinDesk’s price analysis tool.)

In the space of a month, bitcoin’s value has jumped by more than 30% — from around $450 (£317.38) in mid-May to the sub-$700 mark it is hovering around today.

This is the highest bitcoin’s price has been in around two years — it last broke the $700 mark back in February 2014, when it was trending downwards following all-time highs of more than $1,100.

Bitcoin is infamously volatile. This time last year, it was just a third of its current value, around $230. But it has slowly regained value since, gathering pace over the last few weeks.

Here’s the price of bitcoin over the last month:

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