Bitcoin is the fastest growing sector for venture capital

Guess what the fastest growing area of startup funding is? Actually, if you read the title than you already know that it’s bitcoin. Funding for bitcoin related startups exploded by an annualized 151 percent since 2012, helping bitcoin to edge out other hot investment sectors, including photosharing (145%), physical storage (149%), and space travel (141%)- yes actual outer space travel.

Bitcoin has been making a quite a name for itself in recent years, becoming a popular topic among top government officials and leaders in the financial industry. Better yet, it appears that a lot of people are putting their money where their mouth is, and the rapid growth in investment should result in an increasing number of services and bitcoin related products.

Before we too excited, however, it’s important to note that bitcoin’s breakneck growth is due, in part, to the relatively small size of current  bitcoin investments. Bitcoin still only attracts .18 percent of all funding, whereas hospitality, the leader in regards to funding, attracts 6.71 percent, and second-place transportation attracts 6.16 percent.

Of course, with the hospitality industry being dominated by Airbnb, and transport being dominated by Uber and Lyft, it should come as no surprise that those two sectors are attracting so much funding. Importantly, these mega-companies are quite likely soaking up most of the funding, so it’s hard to judge how much of the money is trickling down to newer and less established startups.

This past June total bitcoin investment levels for 2015 actually surpassed investments for all of 2014, so 2015 is shaping up to be a big year. When Amsterdam-based BitFury reported a $20 million dollar investment, it brought bitcoin investment totals to $357 million dollars, surpassing the total $350 million invested in all of 2014.

So why is the bitcoin sector growing so rapidly? Bitcoin offers a sort of “new frontier”, an uncharted territory that still isn’t overcrowded and presents a wealth of opportunities for intrepid entrepreneurs. From setting up mining operations to building services, such as wallets, or offering services, such as bitcoin exchanges, there are tons of opportunities in the bitcoin sector.

Further, when it comes to venture capital many of the criticisms lobbed at bitcoin actually become its strength, at least in regards to investment potential. For example, bitcoin is considered a “high risk” investment by some, but for venture capitalists high risks means there’s a potential for high rewards. Bitcoin is also considered a disruptive technology, and a potential threat to traditional banking services. For venture capitalists disruptive technologies can be a bit of a gamble, but when that gamble pays off, the rewards can be huge.

Perhaps the most exciting part about bitcoin is that we don’t even know where the industry is heading, at least not completely. For now, growth looks all but certain but what innovations and breakthroughs will be generated from bitcoin remain hard to predict, and for venture capitalists and entrepreneurs that means the bitcoin space is an exciting place to be. The bitcoin industry will continue to evolve at a breakneck speed, and that means there will be some losers, but also a lot of winners.

Markets will ultimately determine who wins and who loses, of course, but entrepreneurs, investors, and bitcoin users in general can increase their chances of realizing success by paying close attention to developing trends and conditions.

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