Bitcoin is a new safe-haven asset: Analyst

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While gold has achieved good in new months, rising 20 percent year to date, Burniske suggested investors should also cruise diversifying into bitcoin.

“When we demeanour during a tellurian markets, there’s lots of fear, doubt and doubts. You’ve got people worrying about a equity markets [and] you’ve got people journey into bonds,” he said. “While bullion has had a bit of a run in 2016, over a final 5 year duration it’s been a terrible behaving asset.”

“So you’ve got people starting to consternation where there are protected havens to store their assets. we consider we have lot of people observant ‘Hey we wish to variegate a small bit’ creation allocations to bitcoin’.”

Some remonstrate that bitcoin should be deliberate a safe-haven asset. Vijay Michalik, investigate researcher during consultancy Frost Sullivan, forked out that bitcoin is still really volatile.

“Bitcoin is still such a new creation that a economics of a value aren’t entirely understood, and a cost looks expected to sojourn tolerably flighty in a middle term,” he told CNBC in an email.

“Volatility and a long-term unknowns concerned in bitcoin’s growth stop

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