‘Bitcoin Is Where the Internet Was in 1995’

Few know the pulse of the bitcoin industry as well as Simon Dixon. Founder of a bitcoin-based crowdfunding platform named Bank to the Future and an investor in more than a dozen bitcoin related start-ups, he has become part of the center (if there is one) of this decentralized technology and community. We recently spoke with him about the current state and future of this digital currency.

TheStreet: Why are you interested in bitcoin and blockchain technology?

Dixon: Bitcoin invented the first form of money that allows anybody with an Internet connection to transfer any amount of value from A to B with virtually no cost and friction. It allows anybody to send money as simply as sending an email in fractions of pennies or in the millions. The blockchain is the largest supercomputer in the world made up of hundreds and thousands of computers that all plug together and audit every transaction sent through the system. It means there is no reliance on a bank or authority to send secure payments. The implications are that we now have the first secure form of programmable money, meaning we can do things with money that

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