Bitcoin Isn’t Dead—But It Is Threatened by Tech Infighting

btckeychain/Flickrbtckeychain/FlickrAccording to the popular press, Bitcoin has died and gone to cryptocurrency heaven at least 93 times already. Every few weeks, a new journalist gets wind of the censorship-resistant payment protocol and takes to the newsfeeds to declare its demise—more often than not, in the midst of healthy Bitcoin price appreciation. But the 89th obituary for the world’s best-performing currency drew a bit more attention than usual because its author was former Bitcoin core developer Mike Hearn.

Hearn’s doomsaying—conveniently timed with a New York Times piece sympathetic to his point of view—titillated mainstream gawkers. But to many within the peer-to-peer world, it appeared to be sour grapes (or deliberate sabotage) over the community’s rejection of Hearn’s most recent Bitcoin proposal. In BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen’s words, Hearn’s stunt was little

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