Bitcoin Lending Platform Releases Innovative “My Page” Feature

San Francisco- April 20, 2016 – In a digital currency world that is built upon the concept of decentralization, the greater Bitcoin community can seem fractured and remote to even seasoned Bitcoin veterans. Bringing together like-minded Bitcoin users from around the world can be a matter of luck instead of design. Even many of Bitcoin’s top leaders have trouble connecting, in times of needed. Is there a place where Bitcoin growing user global base can enjoy a sense of community, free trade and peer-to-peer convenience that Bitcoin is known for? brings many new features to the growing Bitcoin community. When signing into the free members BitConnect platform, ‘My Page’ allows members to chat, gain followers and share Bitcoin content quickly. Acting like a Facebook for Bitcoin users, BitConnect users can gain a feedback score when they interact more. More tools become available when more tools are used, like an interactive video game, with different levels.

“The ‘My Page’ feature will help BitConnect users create a reputation in Bitcoin world by posting and sharing a post related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,” says BitConnect head Satao Nakamoto. “Showing interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology through ‘My Page’, users can build a reputation through BitConnect’s Bitcoin lending module , also by verifying and updating their personal profile. BitConnect’s ‘My Page’ feature connects the bitcoinworld in an innovative new way.”

My Page opens the door to many great features into one convenient online Bitcoin hub. At, users can buy and sell Bitcoins to other BitConnect members. Meet-up and seminar information can be shared in any locale to build up local Bitcoin communities.

Everything is done on a peer-to-peer basis, the way Bitcoin was meant to be used. Those who are an active part of the community can start lending and receiving Bitcoins with other community members. For more information on how to become a BitConnect member for free, go to

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