Bitcoin Makes Brief Appearance In Deadpool

Bitcoin Makes Brief Appearance In Deadpool

Hollywood sets trends. What the stars wear, people generally begin wearing, perceiving it to be hip. It could be that a great many more people will be entering into the Bitcoin space, supposing their subconscious picked up on a little image in the background of a few scenes.


Can you see it? There in the upper left-hand corner. A Bitcoin sticker! It’s in Wade Wilson’s (who turns into Deadpool) best friend’s bar. It turns out the main character’s bar accepts Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has steadily made its way into popular culture. Starting in 2013, press attention caused the price of Bitcoin to steadily rise, further begetting the attention of financial players and others. Over the years, few feature films have included Bitcoin in the script, but that appears to be picking up steam in the previous couple years as more than one feature film has included Bitcoin in some shape or form.

Deadpool, a 2016 American superhero film, quickly became the highest grossing film

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