Bitcoin Market Wrap Up 4/26-5/3: Market Trends Upward, Litecoin Similar …

Cryptocurency markets have been very promising this week. Bitcoin started out at $220 and has crept up to approximately $240, making for a net gain of 9.5% for the week.

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Volume has remained fairly level this week, currently sitting just under $18 million — a healthy sign of natural trading without whale influence.bitcoin

The market graph shows a “tick-tock” pattern where the price will peak, move sideways, and then peak again. After the second peak, the pattern repeated, shown by both the seven day and one day market graphs. The one-day chart is seen above while the seven-day graph is seen below.bitcoin market

A possible catalyst of this growth was Circle’s announcement of the $50 million it received from Goldman Sachs and the venture group IDG Capital. Not only does this

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