‘Bitcoin May Change Our World in Ways as Profound as the Internet’

Blockchain technology, the basis for the digital currency Bitcoin, isn’t well understood. Yet, even beyond Bitcoin, it could impact our world in profound ways. 

“I definitely recommend that everyone who is an investor, technologist or business person spend some time getting up to speed with this,” said Bruce Fenton, executive director for the Bitcoin Foundation, chief investment officer for Atlantic Financials as well as managing director for Boston Gulf Advisors Group.

Fenton has extensive experience as a global advisor with a strong interest for emerging markets and new technologies such as Bitcoin. We sat down with him to discuss the new technology and how it might impact your world.

XBT Provider continuously interviews reputable individuals in both finance and the bitcoin industry to try to give an unbiased view on what this new technology might mean for investors.

Why are you interested in bitcoin and blockchain technology?

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