Bitcoin Milestone: 15 Million Bitcoins Mined

Bitcoin has reached a new technological milestone today. Since its birth in 2008, 15 million bitcoins has been mined, more than 100 million transactions have been settled by the Bitcoin network and mining difficulty is close to reaching 100 billion.

According to the statistics provided by, the mining difficulty has risen by nearly 250% since January of 2015, recording the fastest annual increase of difficulty since 2008.


The number of transactions processed by the Bitcoin network have reached 100 million, as the number of daily bitcoin transactions increased by five times since January of 2015. Bitcoin experts predict that the worldwide recognition of bitcoin and established financial institutions’ growing interest towards Bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain technology network have played a vital role in the growth of Bitcoin as a currency and as a technological protocol.


The market cap of Bitcoin has also reached a yearly high at around US$6.34 billion and is close to recovering from its decline in 2014, amid the collapse of then the largest

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