Bitcoin Milestone: 15 Million Bitcoins Mined

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Bitcoin has reached a new technological miracle today. Since a birth in 2008, 15 million bitcoins has been mined, some-more than 100 million exchange have been staid by a Bitcoin network and mining problem is tighten to reaching 100 billion.

According to a statistics supposing by, a mining problem has risen by scarcely 250% given Jan of 2015, recording a fastest annual boost of problem given 2008.


The series of exchange processed by a Bitcoin network have reached 100 million, as a series of daily bitcoin exchange increasing by 5 times given Jan of 2015. Bitcoin experts envision that a worldwide approval of bitcoin and determined financial institutions’ flourishing seductiveness towards Bitcoin and a Bitcoin blockchain record network have played a critical purpose in a expansion of Bitcoin as a banking and as a technological protocol.


The marketplace top of Bitcoin has also reached a yearly high during around US$6.34 billion and is tighten to recuperating from a decrease in 2014, amid a fall of afterwards a largest

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