Bitcoin Miners and Developers Meet in California to "Improve Communications"

What was thought by some to be a secret meeting of Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin Core developers turned out to look more like a company retreat than anything else, according to those in attendance.

Although there have been some public statements of disagreement between the mining and development communities in Bitcoin, representatives from the two groups met in California over the weekend to improve communications and strengthen their business and personal relationships.

“Over the last few days, some Bitcoin developers and miners got together for a social gathering to improve communication, friendship, and to do some California sightseeing,” notes a statement released by the attendees and shared with Bitcoin Magazine .

Although some aspects of the gathering in California will be made public, a full list of attendees will not be available.

A Weekend of Team Building

The scaling debate was clearly discussed over the course of the meetup in California, but these talks were said to be mostly informal. There was no intention to come to a sort of agreement like the one that was made in Hong Kong earlier this year. The goal was to strengthen the unity between these two segments of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

While obvious topics, such

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