Bitcoin Miners and Industry Meet in Beijing

Bitcoin Miners and Industry Meet in Beijing

With April coming to a close and the halving in three months, bitcoin’s scalability is reaching decision time. Following a year of heated debate, wide consensus has been achieved on a maxblocksize increase, segwit deployment and support for the Lightning Network. The only outstanding issue is one of timing. Can segwit be ready before the halving? If not, should maxblocksize be increased so as to provide brief respite?

Following suggestions that segwit has been delayed as a CSV softfork is currently in process, it seems that a meeting took place in Beijing on the 30th of March. According to a tweet by Eric Mu, CMO of HaoBTC, representatives from Coinbase, 21inc,, Okcoin, Antpool, F2pool, BTCC, KNC and Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation, attended.

The exact details of the discussion are not publicly known. However, bitcoin’s scalability was likely at center stage. They would have probably discussed bitcoin’s current transaction capacity, which is running at maximum, and potential methods to safely upgrade the network. Presumably, prior to the halving.


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