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Bitcoin Miners and Industry Meet in Beijing

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With Apr entrance to a tighten and a halving in 3 months, bitcoin’s scalability is reaching preference time. Following a year of exhilarated debate, far-reaching accord has been achieved on a maxblocksize increase, segwit deployment and support for a Lightning Network. The usually superb emanate is one of timing. Can segwit be prepared before a halving? If not, should maxblocksize be increasing so as to yield brief respite?

Following suggestions that segwit has been behind as a CSV softfork is now in process, it seems that a assembly took place in Beijing on a 30th of March. According to a twitter by Eric Mu, CMO of HaoBTC, member from Coinbase, 21inc,, Okcoin, Antpool, F2pool, BTCC, KNC and Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist during a Bitcoin Foundation, attended.

The accurate sum of a contention are not publicly known. However, bitcoin’s scalability was expected during core stage. They would have substantially discussed bitcoin’s stream transaction capacity, that is using during maximum, and intensity methods to safely ascent a network. Presumably, before to a halving.


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