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Bitcoin miners can now uncover their support for a prolonged proposed technical refurbish that would boost a network’s transaction capacity.

Following retard 439,488 on a bitcoin blockchain (which occurred during roughly 8:30 UTC today), miners can now ascent their program by changing a header value in a blocks that they process.

Called Segregated Witness (SegWit), the change is best famous as a approach to scale exchange on a bitcoin blockchain by figure out some-more space in any block, yet it also solves a long-known vital bug and expands a program in a few other important ways.

As coded in a latest bitcoin program release (0.13.1), 95% of miners need to vigilance support for a change in a array of 2016 blocks, or a duration of roughly dual weeks. If that happens, there will be another dual week duration before SegWit is strictly activated.

If activated, a change would sputter out to a rest of a ecosystem of wallets and program projects, and users on a network could start to take advantage of a update.

But not everybody supports a change (one spectator even called a signaling duration a beginnings of a “dirty war“).


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