Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases for a Fourth Time Since Halving

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The Bitcoin mining problem has augmenting once again. A 2.3 percent boost from a prior existent problem levels was reported on Sep 12, 2016, creation it a fourth lift (fifth correction) given a Bitcoin mining rewards halving in early Jul 2016.

Bitcoin mining, difficulty, halving

Bitcoin mining, difficulty, halving

At present, a problem spin stands during 225,832,872,179 compared to a progressing spin of 220,755,908,330. Similarly, a sum crush rate of a Bitcoin network has also augmenting from 1,580,232,334 GH/s to 1,616,574,667 GH/s during a same time interval.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty and Block Generation Times

The problem spin improvement is an inbuilt duty in a Bitcoin program to safeguard consistent retard era times. The Bitcoin network ideally discovers/generates one new retard each 10 minutes. The retard era time has a approach association with a problem levels and network crush rate. The use of latest mining hardware famous for larger efficiencies increases a sum crush rate of a Bitcoin network. This, in turn, will significantly revoke a normal time taken to learn new blocks. In such cases, a Bitcoin network starts to take visual measures by augmenting a difficulty

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