Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Invests $1.6 Million in Shenzen-Based Bitcoin Trading Platform BitKan

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Beijing-based Bitcoin mining giant

announced final week that it has invested $1.6 million in

, a Bitcoin information and trade services provider.

According to a company, Bitmain is a solitary financier in the
Series A appropriation turn after a angel turn investment from Lanqi
Venture Capital Investment final November.

Based in Shenzen, BitKan primarily charity many-sided Bitcoin
news and authorised traders to buy and sell coins regulating a partner



but a association recently started charity over-the-counter (OTC)
Bitcoin trade services.

Speaking to
Bitcoin Magazine,

Sharif Allayarov, sales and selling manager for Bitmain, said
that Bitmain and BitKan were already auxiliary in areas such as
advertisement and graduation of Bitmain products, and a company
decided to deposit in BitKan to assistance enhance a over-the-counter
Bitcoin trade services.

“We motionless to deposit in BitKan to assistance enhance a OTC (Over the
Counter) business.” Allayaov said. “It is a really attractive
business that will yield a height for people all over a world
to trade bitcoin, generally to those vital in non-mature bitcoin
markets such Africa, South America, and India.”

Founded by former employees of China-based IT hulk Huawei and
launched in Oct 2013 , BitKan
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