Bitcoin Mining Malware Threat Ranked Second Despite Percentage Decline

Malware threats and ransomware have been plaguing computer users and major networks around the globe over the past twelve years. Most interesting is the fact that, in the case of ransomware infections, a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin was requested. Kaspersky’s recent study shows that financial threats are still on the rise, whereas attacks against mobile banking are on the decline.

Financial Tools A Favourite Target For Trojans and Malware

Even though there has been little to no innovation in the financial sector over the past 50 years, the number of different tools and exploits used to breach services has exploded exponentially. After all, the main goal of exploiting a service’s weakness – either by hacking, installing a trojan or spreading malware – is a monetary gain in some way, shape or form.

As a result, online threats against the banking sector have been a constant cause for concern for security experts. The recent Kaspersky Labs study showed a total of 5,903,377 registered notifications about attempted financial malware infections during Q2 of 2015.  Most of these malware infection attempts focus their attention on stealing money via online banking.

It should come as no surprise to

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