Bitcoin Mining Software P2Pool Calls For Hardfork Upgrade In 24 Hours Before BIP66 Takes Effect

P2P Pool ForkP2Pool, an open-source, decentralized, mining pool, has called for a hardfork upgrade in 24 hours to be compatible with a BIP66/block version 3. The upgrade is needed under P2Pool release 14.0. BIP66 will take effect in about two and a half days as of June 26, according to the P2Pool discussion thread.

Users must upgrade in order for P2Pool to continue working without producing invalid blocks.

Upgrade warning coming

At 50% of P2PPool’s hashrate upgrading, P2Pool instances will start displaying a warning saying that an upgrade is required. “Reaching that point as quickly as possible is very important. And then, at 95%, users that have not upgraded will be excluded. If non-upgraded users aren’t excluded before BIP66 takes effect, P2Pool users will be subject to paying other users for invalid work – effectively a withholding attack,” the posting noted.

“So, please upgrade to 14.0 now and tell everyone else to also.”

Users noted on that the system is working.


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