Bitcoin & Mobile Messaging Startups Partner to Tap $500 Billion Remittance Market

Bitcoin & Mobile Messaging Startups Partner to Tap $500 Billion Remittance Market

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Bitcoin and mobile messaging have emerged as collection in addressing a tellurian remittance marketplace to reduce a cost of transferring supports opposite inhabitant borders.

This past spring, KakaoTalk, formed in Seoul, South Korea, a discuss app, purchased a 40% interest in Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), a Manila, Philippines bitcoin startup as reported by Quartz. KakaoTalk joins Viber and WeChat in addressing a tellurian remittance market, estimated during $500 billion annually.

Transfers Are Complex

A cross-border income send requires a parties to determine on a send method, calculate sell rates, collect personal details, synchronize amounts, afterwards endorse when a income has been sent and received.

Bitcoin Western Union DCG

Most such transfers are sent by migrant workers who immigrate to other countries for better-paying jobs. They send income to family or friends behind home who count on a income for vital expenses.

An estimated 230 million people send $500 billion annually in remittances. They especially use Moneygram, Western Union and RIA, that collectively have 1.1 million sell locations and contain some-more than a entertain of

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