Bitcoin Money-Laundering Scheme Tops 2015’s Unusual Crime List

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New York — One of a some-more surprising financial crime stories of a year endangered dual group who were charged with handling an bootleg Bitcoin sell by a now-shuttered New Jersey credit union.

As reported by CU Journal in late July, a dual suspects — Yuri Lebedev and Anthony Murgio — were arrested by a Federal Bureau of Investigation for allegedly using an unlawful Bitcoin sell for a functions of income laundering.

The dual Florida-based group ran a Bitcoin sell by a artificial front-company and a tiny New Jersey credit kinship that Murgio took control of for a scheme, according to a FBI.

That credit kinship was identified as Helping Other People Excel (HOPE) FCU of Jackson, N.J.

The FBI purported that given late 2013 — and maybe before that time — a span operated, a Bitcoin sell use that enabled co-conspirators and business to compensate a price to sell income for Bitcoins. “In doing so,” an FBI recover said, “they intentionally exchanged income for people whom they believed might be enchanting in rapist activity.”

The twin are also pronounced to have exchanged income for Bitcoins for victims of cyber-attacks involving release money. Furthermore, Murgio and Lebedev “knowingly enabled a criminals obliged for

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