Bitcoin natural part of digital lifestyle

CEO of Fidor Bank of Germany, Matthias Kröner in an interview with IBTimes has opened up on the Bitcoin, the regulations pertaining to Bitcoin, and also the lackadaisical attitude of politicians in his country that he is facing and also highlighted the importance of the cryptocurrency.

Hailing the Bitcoin as the “natural part of digital lifestyle” he vowed that his bank will open up in UK this year. Known for his outspokenness, Kröner did not mince words when he questioned UK’s approach over allowing access to the payment architecture by asking if “an agency bank being the doorman to a public payment rail” is justifiable.

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The CEO did not just stop there, he also lamented the absence of good Bitcoin regulations in his own country and narrated that he himself has tried to convince politicians on cyptocurrency regulations several times by citing advantages that they could reap in an increasingly Bitcoin-friendly world.

But he added that his words have failed to convince the authorities on Bitcoin. He also lambasted the politicians and their failure in understanding the importance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency by calling them “the biggest

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