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A former authority of a US Securities and Exchange Commission has launched a vigourous counterclaim of a bitcoin practical banking opposite those who foresee that it is certain to fail.

Writing in American Banker, Arthur Levitt says: “Naysayers adore to nay. And a bitcoin sceptics – of that there are many – are during it again,” citing research by Citigroup.

And in a comment, co-authored with Peter Smith, arch executive of Blockchain, a company that provides blockchain record and bitcoin wallets, he adds: “We have a small tip for all of those who once again have likely bitcoin’s approaching demise: They’re wrong.”

Levitt and Smith mostly determine that a US and Western Europe are good served by existent financial systems though indicate out that a determined financial attention has left over a third of a world’s race but entrance to stream accounts, assets accounts or credit cards.

“It doesn’t have to be that way,” they write. “Blockchain record provides a event to rewrite a financial services sector

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